Alloy will serve as the project’s lead design architect while Architecture Research Office (ARO) will design the schools.  Alloy and ARO have chosen to celebrate the schools at the center of the site with an independent architectural expression.  The triangular tower at the site’s point respects the site’s unique geometry while the tower on 3rd Avenue has a unique form that will be an icon on the Brooklyn skyline.


Located at the intersection of Downtown Brooklyn and Brownstone Brooklyn, 80 Flatbush seeks to address competing neighborhood contexts through the use of scale, materiality, preservation, and location of program. The project was designed with a specific focus on the pedestrian experience.


Historic preservation is a central focus of the proposed development. 362 Schermerhorn comprises two structures that contribute to the area’s historic context – one at State Street and 3rd Avenue, built in the 1860s, and one at Schermerhorn and 3rd Avenue, built in the 1890s. While neither building is suitable for contemporary school use or currently protected by landmark status, Alloy intends to preserve and adaptively reuse both buildings.  One will be re-purposed as a new cultural facility.  The other will house neighborhood retail and residential amenities.

Urban Planning Strategy: Flatbush and State

Urban Planning Strategy: Flatbush and 3rd